Friday, July 11, 2008

Autoresponder With A 30 Days Trial

Yes, I have overcome all the obstacle and now I'm going to continue my study with good CGPA in my hands. I hope the day would be much better and for now everything moving well as planned (except for my business). Sob...sob...what can I say, its business. You can either lost or gain, depends on strategy and luck.

Okay, thats just an introduction. Actually today I'm stumbled across a good site that I think might interest you, its the first autoresponder (unlimited) with 30 days trial without paying anything. I dont know whether its the first in the internet world or not but its the first for me. Believe me, I know.

I've searching across the internet for a good paying autoresponder and most important, no debit card needed and I found none. All need cards, not even a single autoresponder provider taking Paypal as one of the payment. (No wonder, I stuck with a stupid customer that demand payment even though he already got his goods)

Well, what program is this? Go to

P/s : Seriously, its worth it. If you dont like them, just leave them after 30 days trial, thats simple enough.

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