Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beat The Chargebacks With Chargeback Guide

For merchant, chargeback is not something new. In fact, its a nightmare to many as the number of chargeback cases increases within years. This surely not a very good sign of e-economic growth and with the increasing number of friendly fraud transaction (not that friendly!), things just getting worse. Well, how far did you know about chargeback?

Many might end up paying all the credit back (along with the processing fees and penalties) and others might go into bankcrupcy and closed bank account as merchant only follows what the card provider said and not what they should do. For instance, did you know that the consumer bank decided the outcome of the chargeback and not your merchant service provider, your bank or even you?

Is it possible to combat friend fraud transaction and other chargeback? I've been looking on the net for quite a time because this is important as I'm also doing business online. Finaly, I found the perfect solution (without monthy fee!), the official and complete guide to chargeback which is the Chargeback Guide.

Sun Tzu once said, "Knows your enemy and you will know the weaknesses" and thats what Chargeback Guide is all about. This chargeback e-book will ensure that you will have a greater chances of winning chargeback, with a perfect guidance straight from the leaders in chargeback protection. This 30 pages of advanced chargeback material will reveal all the secrets that the merchant provider hesitate to tell you!

The chargeback tutorial is carefully guided from the introduction to chargeback and lastly how you going to fight for your right along "What To Do" lists. Moreover, the Chargeback Guide even included the full distribution rights for free. Thats a relief and frankly it might able to save many merchants from frauds and the bias of the merchant service provider.

P/s : The price is less than a single cost of chargeback but the knowledge and tips you gained from it might save your business later on that cost thousands. Its worth it!

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