Friday, July 4, 2008

Bidvertiser Tuner Has Been Launched!

The best selling Raja Bidvertiser, the complete guide of Bidvertiser optimization has just getting bigger, now with the english translation called the Bidvertiser Tuner. Bidvertiser Tuner is the complete solution to increase or enhance PPC earning specially created for Bidvertiser, the GA altenative. (Double Click To See Clearly At The Pics)

In this e-book, you will learn how to earn more and gain more from Bidvertiser as your earning increases each day, with the help of complete visual aids, nothing could go wrong. Additional to that, Bidvertiser Tuner will show you some parts that you never have imagine that could increase your Bidvertiser potential earning.

The methods on this e-book, is great for newbies and good for advance level. It started on how to gain extra traffic on the net to enhance clicking capacity and it ends with secrets on how to gain a massive amount of publishers and advertisers under you, just like what I did. I have 50 publishers under my account and I will reveal how do I do it.

Let alone the secret yet controversial technique been discussed inside this e-book, teach you how to gain extra $$$ from a mere $10 payout! The technique remains secret for so long and I wanted to reveal them to you, how to gain such income with low payout! You think you dare to take the technique on the move? Think again.

I've been in Bidvertiser for only a few months and my earning started increasing, thanks to the help of hard working and friends all over me that willing to take this methods up to the test. This is one e-book that you will never forget.

Grab yours for only $11 and start earning more and more from Bidvertiser!


  1. menarik artikel nya, tapi saya blm pernah coba bidvertiser meskipun saya punya account nya... :)

  2. Well, its better if you try using BidVertiser as your main or second source of income. Its really helpful especially to small publisher.

    With the help of Bidvertiser tuner or Raja Bidvertiser (in malay language), I bet you can improve your earning.