Monday, July 21, 2008

Drilling Through The Cartridge

As a student, it is almost as important as having your own laptop to own a printer. Of course when buying one you should consider the size, design and also price tag. You are not advised to buy such sophisticated printer with all 3 in 1 built in because if something wrong somewhere, you are in dead meat.

Well, I often take all the above criteria when buying my first printer and its a disaster. A big one until the limit of not going to use them anymore. At that time, that printer is cheap, well design and small in size, its the Lexmark Z945. I always have a good view on Lexmark because they often come up with a good solution on printers but this one is just too bad to be true.

I notice after I am running out of ink. As usual, a very economic and not so wealthy guy/student like me often goes for a not so simple yet effective and cheap solution which is buying the refill set. Since Saint Ink dont provide them (I can find them on the shop), I decided to buy a local branded refill. Its cost a bit compared to buy a new cartridge.
After I went home and wanted to refill my cartridge, I notice that they equip me with a manual n miniature driller to drill through the cartridge! OMG....this is not happening. Since I am stubborn and consider the money I have spent on it, I give it a go and it damaged the cartridge. The ink cannot go inside and will leak.

The moral of the story? Dont try to refill if you dont know how, dont dig your cartridge because you can sell them later and lastly, go to Canon...they have a better solution even in their cheap cost printer.

P/s : The Lexmark Z945 cartridge costs as same as the 2/3 price of the printer itself, imagine that....

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