Sunday, July 20, 2008

FireTune For Firefox Optimization

The most popular web browser in the world, Mozilla Firefox already earn a name for most download software at the same time in 2008 and now already going for the latest version of the software, the Firefox 3. This web browser is simply amazing and extremely fast compared to the others for now.

But, since not everyone using broadband or anything that provide good and fast internet connection such as the dial-up, the web browsing, even using Firefox is not that enjoyable. Its still slow and sometimes fail to create an establishment with the URL of your choice. Now, an alternative have come, and its free!
I introduce you, FireTune! FireTune from Total Idea company claimed that it can boost the performance of your web browsing with different tuning on different type of computers and connections. You can set either your internet connection is fast, medium, slow and that goes the same with your computer itself. Be honest on it or you wont get the results right.

I have tried this software and I find it rather interesting. I dont know it really boost them or not but I am sensing that my Mozilla Firefox 3.1 (click here to download) working much faster than before, faster downloads and uploads and even good when browsing heavy sites such universities sites to do my research and assignments.

Since its free, and can be compatible to all Mozilla Firefox version from 1 to 3, I think its worth for you to take a closer look and make your own comparism. It doesnt need any space (less then 1 Mb) and you dont even have to install it. Just UnRar or UnZip the downloaded file into a folder and its done.

So, head on to Total Idea (click here to download) and start optimizing your Mozilla Firefox browser, it might coming handy!

P/s : Firefox really make the web browser logo becomes cuter :P


  1. Thanks for posting the info about FireTune. I may give it a try because Firefox is extremely slow on my iBook. I have been using Flock with very good results.

  2. Well, you can make some clean up with CCleaner before you do and even clear the internet cache by typing "netsh interface ip delete arpcache" on the command promp. I bet u know about that already :)

    Flock? Thats new to me. Better I browse and see whats that. Thanks for that too.