Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going Premium

Are you a member of Rapidshare or Megaupload or both of them? If you do, then you should have known the benefits that both account have especially when you go and upgrade into premium account. Have you changed yours? I haven't and still under dilemma which one should I take the most on advantages.

My premier concern is that I cannot take the full benefits on either of the account below when I changed my status into a paid customer. If we talk about price, Rapidshare costs a little bit more than Megaupload, more than a dollar if I'm not mistaken. But I've browse through the net and some forum, it seemed that Rapidshare holds the best of uploaded items from movies to games and so on.

So, which one should I prefer? I'm going to download all the Avatar The Last Airbender from the latest 16th Book III The Southern Raider till the newest Souzen Comets Chapter 4. Is Rapidshare holds the series that I have? I know a few sites that offers in Megauploads all the Avatar chapters but I still in a lost finding one on Rapidshare. I feared that they already been deleted.
So, if you're at my shoes, which one you prefer? Megaupload or Rapidshare? I only have a few bucks in my Paypal and can't afford to buy both of them just for a comparison. (already sold some of the Paypal to my friends). I still dont know where to browse and search all the files inside Megaupload and Rapidshare. Where can I find all the uploaded files?

P/s : I wish to see all the Avatar chapters before all been deleted. I'm so keen on it. Why I cant download Rapidshare tools?

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  1. I am now a proud premium member of Rapidshare and already started downloading my latest version of all the Avatar The Legend of Aang!