Friday, July 18, 2008

Greedy Buyer (Paypal Resolution Case)

I always consult my readers and subscribers to take their rights if they been fraud and using Paypal resolution center to claim back their money or to put pressure on the seller. Unfortunately, things might gone wrong. I believe that this fella is not one of my readers because he bought the item from Payloadz.

See that? It the resolution open case. He wanted to have his money back after I send him the items (an e-book) using email. Its been a while and he don't want to back down. He even claim that I am a fraud and that really hateful. Now, he claims for his money that should be mine.

Things like this always happens on Paypal and as a result, people especially merchant like me most likely started to have doubt on Paypal effectiveness and fair decision because its almost certain that the buyer will win the case. The only reason I still stick with Paypal is because it still dominate the market, and you even need it to purchase something on eBay.

So, will luck be at my side? I dont know but for now my chances of having my rights is less than 10%. I will not back down because I'm on the true side in this game. Will I win the case? I will share with you when I get the resolution done within 15 days if I'm not mistaken.

P/s : I hope Paypal has a better board to view the matter fairly and justice.


  1. budak tu budak lokal ke budak luar negara? klu luar negara, memang kes ni ko kalah punye. Tapi kalau menang, kira lucky la. Mostly, ko akan kalah.

    Aku pernah menang beberapa kali sebab lepas diorang refund, diorang tak reply.

  2. Luar negara...kalo x menang nak buat macam mana, ilanglah $5.00. Aduhai, terlepas makan malam sehari..haha....