Thursday, July 3, 2008

Manage Your Download With Mega Upload

If you are searching for the greatest backup software to speed up or at least enhance your download capability, you might refer to Internet Download Manager that already at its version of 5.11. I have no doubt if you say so because breaking downloads into small partitition and assemble them back again later is a smart idea. But, the greatnest and joy of downloading can only be felt for 30 days and after that, a popup will come up and ask you to buy them. Dont bother to use crack or serial key generator because none of them works. IDM now has a frequent check policies to avoid thing like this to happen. So, if you use keygen, it will only last a few days for the most and not even a minute for the fastest detection. 

I've been to similar problems and the solution that I prefer would be the free version of Mega Uploader. Yes, its mega uploader with the big M and the orange looks, its surely beat me in the eyes and I love the appearance. At first, I thought this software is a junk when its free, just like most paid software, only comes with a few days trial. Not for Mega Uploader. They keep the dedication of downloading for free and 3 for continous downloads from Mega Uploader server per day.

The interference is so gorgeous, it has a big button on the left with the round buttons that really look like a CD player to me. There's even a URL check to ensure you're not going to regret by downloading a broken link. It has a good attached viewed of the previous files and files that are currently downloaded.

The best part would be the download meter. I made a few monitor on the bar and I notice that the software itself will try to ensure a speed download to ensure the smooth of the download. The average speed is around 40 - 60kbps if you're using HSPDA network as your internet connection. I bet the speed would be higher for cable user.

So, feel like having one? Search the web for Mega Uploader and download its full version, not only to toolbar. Believe me, you wont regret it, at least not for now.

P/s : Is Mega Uploader has issues with Internet Explorer? Sometimes a popup will come out asking something regarding of codes on IE. Its quite irritating but at least it doesn't interfere with the downloads.

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