Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Sponsored Reviews Payment

Its 6.00 am in the morning and it is not my real queue to wake up and breath the fresh morning smell but since an email struck my slumber, I decided to wake my laptop up (sleep mode) and see what's available. Well, as usual many spams and unwanted emails appeared on the screen but one of it is really something I'm looking for, a payment email.

I'm grinning till my ear when I read it, my first payment from Sponsored Reviews. To be honest, I never thought of having this because as you all know, my Page Rank is very low, dropping from 3 to 0 (i wonder how its actually calculated) and I never thought of having them. Yes, I received an offer a day ago and I'm very happy by it.

Here it goes, my first payment from Sponsored Reviews. Based on my condition, it seemed that they paid daily, that's quite fast for a great program. Its not much, only $6.50 but what the heck, its my first motivated baby steps and I hope to hear more from them in the years to come.
Talk about payment from reviews, I've yet unable to ask payment from Linkworth as they pending it for not achieving the minimum amount. I only gain $7.70 and the minimum payout is $12.30, it looks like I need another 2 reviews on that site, maybe next time. Hopefully I hear from them too.

P/s: I wonder when will PPP approved my blogs and payment from Socialsparks.


  1. Congrats on your first payment. I am waiting for mine to come as well. Cheers!

  2. tahniah la weh. banyak gak tu dari SR..:)

    dari linkworth, ko ambil 70/30 ke 50/50?

    kalau ko amek 70-30..tak banyak job. kalau 50/50, kita diberi keutamaan dulu..

  3. Thanks titan n ravonslumber. Well, in that case I think I better change my account setting to 50/50 because right now im using 70/30. Thanks for the tips, titan!

  4. hi there,
    congratulation you got payment.
    by the way, if you want to check your pagerank, simply go to this website

  5. Hi hafiz,
    thanks for the compliment. Well, I seldom check on and prefer Others we can check at