Wednesday, July 16, 2008

S9, Its Time To Get Un-plugged!

Well, as you all know, Motorola has did it again, its time to go wire free, just like the previous headset from Motorola. The only differences are much well design, very light in weight and for a second thought, its really a big differences, not just an evolution from the previous product but a total new breed, the Motorokr S9.

If you asked me about the spec, I can only say that its perfect. How perfect can it be? Well, since its almost weightless, its comfortable to wear. The tip also flexible and grip smoothly so that it wont fall when you do your exercises (watch the commercial on Youtube - type S9). People can do a break dance and it still fit perfectly without having to be cautions of losing your headphone.

Its sweat resistance (no odour?) and of course water resistance so that your sweat wont damaged it but to use it for swimming, you better have a second thought about that. I haven't seen any video clips yet about someone using S9 while swimming. (logical because the hand phone itself cannot submerge).

Everything can simply be controlled with a simple push of a button. You just have to push either sideways to change from mp3 to radio, received calls, mute and so on. The battery can last for quite a time and rechargeable using USB or your own hand phone charger.

The only problem is that I still dont have this gadget. Can you imagine, there are not a single website in Malaysia or Malaysia based site selling S9 online. Its quite fuzzy because I am so lazy to go out and as far as I concern, there's only a few shops selling S9 for now, its still new so its gradually acceptable.

So, if you love music and have a bluetooth device that need a little upgrade on the set (check the version) or want something new to get along with your iPod or iPhone, then S9 is the best subject on your shopping list. Its new, sleek, not so expensive and reliable, only be Motorola.

Need more? How about jump over to Motorola S9 official website at

P/s : Not all bluetooth device, even Motorola hand phone support S9, contact the provider or seller and ask about it first so that you can get a refund if they wrong.

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