Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Small Flamming Thing Just Approve Me!

Have you tried to go to all paid per post sites? Well, its should be either the famous yet very hard to get into ReviewMe, a good old Smorty, some PayPerPost, a bit of Linkworth and that still doesnt include all the name that has blog on it such as Blogesvites, Bloggerads and so on. Owh yeah, I forgot to mention Sponsored Reviews and many more. Seriously, there's many more.

So, after a long surf on the net searching for a more altenative and friendly paid per post programs, I stumbled across a hot thing they calls SocialSpark. Seems just like its name, Social Sparks is all about social and sparks. There's no interference to write what you want to write, as long as the advertiser love them. Its kinda transparency ways of making post and I love thats.

The opportunity lies ahead with hundreds of advertiser range from $1.00 to hundreds for your post. Of course, only the best man wins. So, to ensure you win every time an advertiser open their gates, always make a good impression on your blog and dont forget to chip down the Izea Rank so that you will get more ideal price.

Your rating can be improved by socialize with others and dont forget to drop your comments and approval and even giving either thumbs up or down to the other Social Sparks people and the advertiser. This is really make Social Sparks different than others. The people inside will be evalute by other people, not the admin. That's just great because different people has different ways to approach others inside the post.

Did I forgot to mention that their code of ethics would be 100% transparency, 100% real opinion, 100% search engine friendly and of course 100% audit-able in-post disclosure? I did, didn't I. Oh, they also 100% paid their publishers, so don't worry :D

Overall, its 4 thumbs up for me (include the toes) for SocialSpark. They are very unique, great interface and even great ways to manage the system wisely so that it shows the differences between them and others paid per post programs on the market. Join in and start earning and socializing!

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