Saturday, July 12, 2008

Social Networking With A Twist

Social networking, who ever that never join even one of them? I doubt there are internet user out there that didn't at least join a group, but than again, it just might be possible. Social networking increases their numbers by years and now we can all sorts of that, from a famous Facebook to Muxlim and so on.

So, find anything unique? I prefer Habbo as a very unique social networking as you not just typing and giving comments but live in a hotel with the rest of other people, socialize with each other. I've been in Habbo for about a month and I finally realize why people doesn't go to them even thought they're quite fun and very-very unique.

The players there are mostly just a bunch of kids, especially inside the Malaysia-Singapore server. Seriously, its hard to find above 20 and thats quite frustrating. They always talk about things that really not in my interest such as schools and homework, OMG...I'm so bored in Habbo.

Yes, everything is not for free. Some are free but to get hold on items to decorate your house, its not that free. You have to pay using Habbo credit which can only be earn from real money. MYR6.00 for 10 credits, thats a lot of bucks for small credits. I can only buy a virtual chair and the best part is that you can't sell back your credits in MYR (unless using other outside buyers)

Overall, you can check it out if you like but I'm not really going to say its a great social networking due to the loading and pending and so on. Its quite boring and you cant even leave Habbo hotel to go to other server across the world, thats quite lame.

P/s : Dont believe about the free Habbo coins, its not working, none of them is working. There are just a trick to fool you and take your account.


  1. To me, is still the best premier social networking site. I have been using it for nearly 4-5 years and it's still available and updated gradually. I have been invited to other related sites like netlog, hi5 etc but, I prefer to just stay there and see my friends' and acquaintances' circle grows.

  2. Well, honestly I like that kind of social networking too, u dont have to go about anywhere to find friends. All you need is a click away.

    I think thats why Habbo only full of kids.