Monday, July 7, 2008

Yahoo Messenger Beta 9, Love It And Hate It Too!

Yes, its the Yahoo Messenger Beta 9, its in Beta and I think its really okay for you to use it as your YM replacement. But watch out, this software has its own pros and cons. Well, enough talking and lets get to business. I've changed into Yahoo Messenger Beta 9 for quite a while, more than a month and I found out that its not suitable for everyone.

There's a problem on some of the part, no wonder they call it "Beta". Maybe after all the things have been improved, they will launch a full scale one.

1. Colourful, can change the colour of the bar customize yourself.
2. More emoticons including the cat etc
3. Bigger pictures and words.
4. Toolbar on the side of the pictures.
5. Installer, no patch. Can install without internet connection.

1. Pictures and words just too big.
2. Not stable, some previous YM user cant chat with you.
3. Paragraph usage on same user, look messy.
4. Button rearrange, become weird.
5. Status changed itself when applied environment or using special emoticon.

So, what do you think? Its easy to install and its really beautiful. If you want to get the latest Yahoo Messenger Beta 9, click the download link below.

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  1. hoho..aku still prefer yang lama punye. So far, oklah..yang baru ni aku try. Not bad gak la..