Monday, August 25, 2008

Ads Space For Sale

They say I should try Project Wonderland and Performing Ads to sell my ads space but it seemed that I just don't know how to install them. What a heck, I can do this manually. For those who wishes to advertise on this blog, you can simply email me to admin{a} for any inquiries.

For now, I've opened up for 125 x 125 size banner to fit in to my new left sidebar that I just did last night (or the night before, I totally forgot) with a tiny monthly fees of MYR10.00/$3.50* per month. I am assured that you will be more than happy to see the quality traffic been dragged to your site too. This site will not accept any advertiser that has something to do with g@ambling, l0ttery and even 5ex.

Payment can be delivered via local Malaysia's bank (Maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam) and online internet banking (paypal)

For any other size, you can always email me to ask whether there are still spaces left or not. What's the benefit of advertising on this site? This site has targeted visitors which also means your potential customer.

*Minimum of purchase is 2 months equivalent with MYR20.00/$7.00


  1. nice... you sure know how to make money online... hehe

    just dropping by slumbeR@J@!

  2. Yup, and people make money from this site too by advertise here :)