Saturday, August 23, 2008

Advertising Entertainment

Sometimes, advertising is not only conveying messages, but also to ensure that the message is ironclad inside the spectators mind so it that it will never walk away and it also has a brain stimulation that makes the spectators want everyone else to see the advertisement too. So, to do that, creativity is needed and advertising entertainment is born.

Here's a few pictures that were sent to my email a few days later. I found it rather interesting back then and I think its worth sharing with all of you. Enjoy and try to get the message :)

We have faith on our security glass that we can bet on it with money inside. But, if someone snatch the pole and run away with all the ads, has nothing to do with the glass.

You can't replace a tree with a pole, it doesn't have leaves.

A tissue a day clears your forest away.

The boy must be thinking he don't wanna involve in that kid's death of drowning.

I think people complaining about the Cooper's inside size. So, they show how many people actually in there. Remember, that's only the front seat!

In Malaysia, this type of creative advertisement is still new and its hard to see them anywhere here. Maybe because Malaysia has a lack of space and we just don't have people that are willing to pay more for a good advertising?


  1. perghhh...iklan2 ni memang sangat mendalam mesej nye..hehe