Sunday, August 10, 2008

Auction Awareness

I understand that many people making money online with auction site such as the famous eBay, and in Malaysia there are and more such as e-Junction and The problem is that even thought how safe this site could be, there are still many people that has been scammed without they even noticed. What do I mean auction awareness? Today I would like to focus on your part as a buyer on site like this, and my target now is

Lelong, also considered as Malaysia's eBay (even though there is, its not famous) is one of the most busiest site in Malaysia, with daily hit up to hundred of thousands potential buyers and sellers. These site, or should I say these company has a very good reputation and already have a great joint venture with many services such as Pos Malaysia to deliver goods and Maybank to topup the i-account.

Being a buyer in Lelong involves a great discipline in order to ensure that you will not be scammed by others and how to scout for remarks to ensure there would be no business intercourse with the buyer. In Lelong, these things has been shown directly and purposely so that it might decrease the chances of getting fraud and scammed. cheap flights from the uk to the whole world
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What are my tips for a safe buying method in Lelong?
1. Do not buy goods from unverified user. Believe me, its hard to be verified.
2. Ensure that the price of the goods is relevant. $100 for a car, is that relevant?
3. Ensure that its phone numbers can be contacted. Try to call and sms them.
4. Do not deposit in any account that has different name from the actual buyer.
5. Do ask the references, condition of the goods and extra information.
6. Do accept safe trade, its much safer and its a unique way Lelong keep its buyer safe.
7. Read everything, especially the small noted part.

Notice that in every picture especially on the watches and mp3's, there are quotation that "This is the actual picture of the item" and "What you see is what you get." Remember, what this quotation means that the picture they showed you is the real one, not the one they sold to you. Don't believe in 99 percent high quality replica.

Now you've done your homework, start making money or start pile up your gadgets!

P/s : I bought my first Motorola S9 Headphone from Lelong, its cheap and its worth it. Unfortunately, no warranties. Remember, everything has a catch.

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