Saturday, August 16, 2008

Commercial Rabbit Breeding Seminar

On 20th August 2008, there's a seminar on how to breed a perfect commercial rabbit both for pets or for food. The seminar will include lunch, accommodation (extra RM50), a perfect recipe for the juicy rabbit meat, and of course, the seminar itself. The topics will involve from introduction to rabbit, how to breed them, the nutritious they needed, the products for rabbit, diseases and how to detect/prevent them and so on (absolutely complete)

There are two packages, A and B (if I say C, its three, right?) and package A is more on the seminar and it costs you only RM500. For package B, its more complete. Not only the seminar but you will also get 15 rabbits aged 3 months consist of male and female, supplement and a year contract of farming (farm not included).

Now, are you interested or just wanna add up some knowledge on rabbit breeding under commercial status? How about visit the My Wabbit Rabbitry Farm or VRAM (collaboration) and contact the admin for more details. For foreigners (that doesn't know how to speak malay), you can ask the admin if there's a package for you.

P/s : I couldn't stand to watch a rabbit been slaughtered for food, its too cute to eat but the meat taste nice!

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