Monday, August 4, 2008

Convert Traffic To Money With Adtoreal

Ever think of another way to make money online, using blog or site or even forum as your medium of money making solution? If you're a true Malaysian (meaning you have access to any Malaysia's based bank), then you should try the Adtoreal.

Adtoreal is an advertising program that pays you for every publisher available to them up to 60%. The payment is equally divided among the publishers from the earning that Adtoreal has. The good thing is that they really paying and I just received my first payment via Maybank. How much? That's a secret that you should unravel by your own.

The problem with Adtoreal is that for now it only accept advertiser with 460x60 banner. No other size is available for now and thats not a good show as you have limited space to give to the advertiser. But no fear, this other features really covers that part. Adtoreal doesn't take publisher easily. All publishers will be put under observation and of course they only accept publisher that has blog/site/forum that up to a certain criteria.

For now, there are only 11 sites that has been accepted by Adtoreal, even this site, the If you wish to join them, consider have an independent domain first to avoid rejection and no matter, they have no minimum payout for now.

Interested? Log in to and start becoming a publisher or advertise there.

P/s : They even have their own web directory and discount to advertise for every Adtoreal publisher, that's just great!

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