Sunday, August 17, 2008

Easy Ways To Become A Trillionaire

Have you ever thinking of becoming a billionaire, millionaire or trillionaire (is there any quotation for this?). It's someone's dream, mostly everyone to have lots of money that its might full your pockets and let you swim around them but in Zimbabwe, its normal. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world where all its population is a billionaire or more! Its ironic how a poor country having so much billionaire and millionaire, so unfortunate they never put their name in Fortune magazine.
Well, look at this bill. Its more like an impossible check but since its in Zimbabwe, its common. The inflation rate in Zimbabwe is so high that a big stack of their currency is cost just a dollar or two! If a poor person can held as much money as you can put it on a big sack, I wonder how much money a rich people have! (they might have to rent a lorry to carry their money!)(how much a lorry could cost there!)

So, if you feeling wanna be a billionaire or millionaire or more for a while, get yourself a vacation to Zimbabwe and feel the life of having too much money. (emphasis : too) If a candy could cost you 60 million, I wonder how much your dinner could be. (feeling rich eh, everything cost you millions).

P/s : Now Donald Trump and Bill Gates got nothing to show off, people from Zimbabwe already have billions inside their house, even for a beggar!

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