Saturday, August 2, 2008

Give Your Laptop A New Looks

When we come into computer, the best way to decorate a desktop is just by putting a fancy tower with all the liquidation and so on inside. You can even show off by bling it with lighting, show your graphic cards and even any other cooling device such as liquid cooling system from Master Cooler. But, when it comes to laptop, what choice do you have?

If you ask me, there are a lot of skins out there that might suits your need and desire to cover up your laptop and customize it to feel your needs. From a football fans skin to the one color type of skins, the choice is yours to make. When we talk about shopping and purchasing one of these, which one you prefer?
Frankly speaking, I didn't buy any ready made skin because in my opinion, its just a desktop wallpaper printed on a fine paper with a glue stick on it and then they put a price tag that's just way to expensive. A skin for RM48/$15? Better I do it by myself.

My laptop, the Dell Latitude D600 use a fine and a good fiberglass looks using a skin that people often use to cover their motorcycle engine, most are scooters engine. The paper is quite cheap, elastic and fine in quality. I don't like fancy colors and so on so this one just fit fine with me. Its quite hard to paste them on the laptop because I have to do it neatly so that it looks fine with no wrinkles.

So, do your laptop have its own skins? Now you can find almost anywhere, from a virtual internet store to the very common place- eBay. But I'm telling you, you will be more satisfied if you can create your own skin because its pretty sure that no one can copy that. If you buy one, remember the size so that it fits well.

P/s : I love to see my laptop with fiberglass skin, its like the Acer-Ferrari laptop :)

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