Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kahuna, Reflexology, Game, Traffic and Sales

What is the connection between all the above tags? Only one, the name. Kahuna is a game which is develop by Reflexology. It's a quite interesting game that involves you finding matches on the sea and break the shells that covered the background. Earn enough point to power up or having a pet fish (or an aquarium full of them). Now, the Kahuna that I wanted to tell you is about the other Kahuna, Traffic Kahuna.

Traffic Kahuna is a service that can increase your sales and customers. It's also increase your traffic which means increase your income. On the other hand, it's increase your product exposure and blog that will decrease the number of page on the search engine. Meaning, it has nothing bad to offer except good and good and good. (someone claim that Traffic Kahuna has made his blog from page 834 on Google to page 8 on Google after 4 days joining them)

The founder of Traffic Kahuna is also the founder of a very successful systems called DealDotCom and PortalFeeder. DealDotCom is about a deal on the internet (deal + .com) and PortalFeeder is feed's portal (Portal + Feeder). Now, what is the connection between Traffic and Kahuna? Based on a few pictures provided by the previous reviewers and TK own site, I guess its mean the traffic is as heavy as people going to Kahuna for a good rest. (Massive traffic)

I be honest with you, this review is too late for you to gain benefit except queue for the next round. Traffic Kahuna's membership had been closed for a while and will be open later. So, if you want to know when it will open, just subscribe to their feed. On the previous membership, even the owner of joined the group!

So, I really encourage you to go to Traffic Kahuna and don't miss the opportunities to increase your site's traffic which means increase your popularity and sales. Remember, jump in to

P/s : The previous reviews said that Traffic Kahuna is more towards blog, article and advertising exchange. Is that true? We will soon find out after the second membership opens.

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