Sunday, August 31, 2008

Make Money During The Fasting Month

It's a fasting month for all Islam believers from all over the world. Of course, in Ramadhan, you cannot eat or drink anything until you break your fast later on after hearing the Maghrib athan and you can only eat and drink before Subuh. That's the basic of Ramadhan, not considering yet the do's and the dont's that you must obide during the day.

How to make money during this blessed month? I prefer the term as make money and save them too. There's many opinion and good ideas on how to make this month a wealthy month. Below I listed a few famous example on how to do so.

Pasar Malam
What is pasar malam? It's a marketplace that opens from evening till night, selling all kinds of stuff from food to clothes with variety of choices and prices. People make a lot of money from pasar malam especially on food and clothes during the fasting month. Why? People intend to buy all kind of food when they're hungry without considering the capacity of what they can eat during the whole night. It's a temptation to devour anything that looks delicious. Clothes? Many intend to shop one as a preparation for Eidfitri even thought you just fast for a day or two.

One of the unique part of the fasting is actually what happens on a month after the fasting month, the Eidfitri. This is the time where muslims enjoy themselves after surviving the one month of fasting by giving donation to the needy, visitng each others and many more. The most common part of this celebration is new cloth. It's not a compulsary but many chooses to buy new cloth when it comes to Eid. So, this is the month where taylors would be busy for the whole month of Ramadhan to complete all the orders before Syawal which is just a month away.

Food Production
This term is more towards kuih-muih (anything you can munch and looks delicious) where people will buy them, if not make them, for quite a bulk. Normally this feast will be held at one's house during the visiting hours, presented to the visitors. Kuih production will have big demands especially the famous bauhulu and other kuih such as keropok bawang (my favourite). Since each customer would buy more than 4 jars or big packets from them, you can smell money out of it.

Public Transportation
It is undeniable that public transportation will be in a big luck on fasting month as many people would queue up to buy tickets to go home for Eidfitri to celebrate it with their parents, going home to break fast with their families and also to hang out together with their friends and relatives. If you noticed, today's public transportation fees have increase quite a lot during the peak days from 24th until 30th September 2008 with the increasing of MYR8++.

So, that's all for now. Other suggestion can be put on the comment slots :) Happy fasting month!


  1. the best is the food production at the pasar malam :)hehe

  2. Yup, if you can remember the e-book on Jutawan Pasar Malam or what they call it, its surely can make a fortune right now!