Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Make Money Using Rapidshare (My Possible Style)

Last month I've became a premium member of the biggest sharing file host on the net, Rapidshare, and its surely cost me quite a sum but compared to the benefits, its way better. Besides, I've got it not from the direct payment site but more towards their vendor. For the cost of only MYR40.00 ($1.00 = MYR3.20), my account will be active until October 2008.

Sometimes I've been thinking to monetize Rapidshare so that I earn more than what I spend and can use that money to extend my account. (You can also do that by collecting points) So, to be honest with you, I didn't monetize my premium Rapidshare as a great advantage but I am thinking of doing some of the things I listed below.

How I might monetize my Rapidshare? (also effective on MegaUpload too)
1. I sell premium account by collecting points

2. I rent my account to my friends who wanted to download anything

3. I download the latest movie (favourite also can) and make a small theatre inside my room with the entrance fee of MYR0.50

4. I downloaded awesome games, show it to them and if they need the installer, they have to pay.

5. I will download anything in their demand (except the "s" thinging) and they will pay per zip file.

6. I helped them and pray to god so that He could cherish me with blessing and fortune.

So, which one is your favourite way to make money using Rapidshare? Do bare in mind, don't sell what you gain from Rapidshare because it's piracy and piracy destroy privacy and productivity. Support the one who worked hard to make things and movies possible. (Easier said then done)

P/s : I think I wanna gather points for my rapidshare account but what do you want to download? Maybe some exclusive e-books perhaps?

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