Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making Money From Writing With eHow

Need to make money online by writing, not just from blog post but also articles just like Triond? Then you should try eHow. eHow is a place for freelancer that have an excellent writing skills can devoted their hobbies or abilities here and make money from it.

The articles can be choose from more than 30 categories and will be paid based on what the company gets. Of course there's a cut for it, that's normal. Is this program a scam? I don't think so since its already been credited as reliable by BBB Online. It's an assurance that this program did what its suppose to do, pay.

The problem of this program, which makes you go...argh..what da...whatever and anything related to it is that this program only accept participation from 18 years old and above & you need to be a US citizen. It's an advantage where only US users can use. For those out there which is not from US, you must find other ways such as make an agreement with your siblings living in US or win the green visa card (the advertisement)

So, its realiable but not international friendly, but its worth looking if you looking for serious making money from writing. Interested, jump in to http://www.ehow.com

P/s : I didn't earn much from Triond, I think it will be the same for me in this site.

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