Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making Money With Travian

Travian, as you all know is the online game portal that involves war between three races, the Teuton, Gaul and Rom. This is an interesting game and I gladly saying that I am one of the gamers that online everyday to check my account, upgrading things, buying troops and so on. Of course, it involves real time gaming meaning that if I want to send reinforcement to my ally and it took a day in the game, it also mean that you need to wait two real days before your reinforcement come back to your homeland. A day away and a day back.

Now, how did Travian makes money for you? You can't sell soldiers for real money or even selling your resources for real money, thats just too stupid and very uneducatied for the ones who willing to pay for it. In this case, Travian making money sources comes from Travian PLUS. How can we make money from Travian PLUS? Note that any gold selling outside Travian can be considered illegal.
My making money tips for Travian which is useful for some countries such as Malaysia is selling Paypal currency for real money. The rates are yours to manipulate. Maybe $1.00 = MYR3.50, you decide. How did this things makes money? If we see the chart for Travian PLUS payment carefully, we can see that paying via MYR is almost three times more expensive than buying in dollar.
The best part is you can buy Travian gold using Paypal. Get the sequence? Here's a little steps for you to smooth things up.
1. Offer Paypal Money, Make a Rate
2. Buyer will create Paypal account via your affiliate link or independent link
3. Buyer deposit money according to agreement.
4. Seller transfer Paypal money to buyer.
5. Buyer buys the Travian gold much cheaper.
6. Both parties happy.

Noted that this practice needs time and trustworthiness. I encourage seller to transfer the Paypal money first so that it shows that we believe on the buyer. As you know, if the buyer cheated, you can claim resolution afterwards.

P/s : This is just a discussion. I didn't encourage such findings.

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