Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Manage Your Ads Space With Performing Ads

Project Wonderland is one of the most common ads space manager on the net, focused on various blogs and so on. Yet my blog is not acceptable by it for the reason I just don't know why. Looking at the limelight, I decided to take a peek on other program that might offer the same thing and tadaa, comes Performing Ads.

Performing Ads is more or less offer the same thing, only in a more mature and professional looks. Peer on the site and its features, its really a very exquisite way to make money on your site. Most approved sites or blogs have high Page Rank (accept mine, just drop last month!), great Alexa ranking (just like me) and have indexed on Google (yup, just like mine). As usual, you can either become and advertiser or publisher, the choice is yours. If you become an advertiser and spend $100 on ads, you will get $25 worth of voucher.

Now, the problem is that it doesn't support Blogger templates and that's why you did not see any Performing Ads spaces like the one I show you above. It only support Wordpress, Drupal and Jomla and stand alone site. Since my blog, the Kabelduit is using Blogger's template, I just have to pass the opportunities away.

So, are you ready to monetize your blog/site? Just key in to and start registring yourself. After that, just prayed a lot so that they might approved your site!

P/s : This is one of the reason why I really regret using Blogger templates...


  1. aku dah join. Tapi memang sukar sikit nak dapat advertiser. Aku tengok blog john chow banyak gila dapat..

  2. haha.. i understand what u mean. but we cant put ourselves the same level of JC. He's an expert.