Thursday, August 7, 2008

Motorola S9 For Sale, Malaysia Market!

Hi, as I was saying in the previous post regarding the new Motorola S9 headphone (Click Here To View The Post), today I would like to announce that I am one of the agent for this headphone. I have scouted many places and it seemed most kiosk and handphone companies are not aware of this new gadget nor they sold it. Only a few parts in Lowyatt and that's it.

So, do you wish to grab and listen to the tune, become updated and wanted to be connected to your handphone via Bluetooth? Motorola S9 Headphone is the answer you have been waiting for. Its very agility, resistance to stain, shock and sweat, a great grip on your head, and even user friendly to all Bluetooth devices, not just Motorola but also Bluetooth device from laptop, your handphone of any brand and even from your iPod.
How much will it cost you? I am selling Motorola S9 Headphone via online to Malaysia customer only, with the cost of only RM200 which already include delivery payment either you from East Malaysia or West Malaysia. I will send your goods via Pos Laju to ensure the safety of the goods.

What will you get?
1. Motorola S9 Headphone A2DP
2. Motorola battery charger
3. Spare ear gels

Interested? Hit me a question by sending email to admin{a} or if you wanted to grab it right away, just do the following.
1. Deposit RM200 via
Maybank : 153010440540
CIMB : 08140069698529
Bank Islam : 08086020043919
-->Send the transaction detail to admin{a}
-->Send your mailing address

2. Enjoy using S9!

Want to know more? See what S9 can do at the following advertisement!

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