Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Ideal Gift For GameMaster (GM)

I've been pondering in this contest for quite a time and finally I decided to join it, the Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest, devotion from Nuffnangers to Nuffnangers. So, I think I hit GM, founder of and based from what I learn from him, I think this gift suits him well.
If I have chances to buy something for him as a gift, I consider giving him Aztech Walkie Talkie - PMR - 5000. The name is quite a fame, from the famous Aztech that provides all the greatest modem around and I bet their walkie talkie stand as tall as the company itself. Ok, the reason I give him this item is because he's doing some business on PA system and something related to stage and sound system.

So, the best way to contact people from the stages to the one controlling the system is through walkie talkie. Its free, and you dont need to shout just to say that its too loud and so on. I've been in the situation and its rather dificult without the telecommunication device especially when you're inside a running show.

He can even talk and have a good chat with his girlfriend without paying a penny more or think about the peak hours, the rate and so on. No more topups, just a push of a button and both him and his girlfriend can talk all day until the battery is dead. Well, since Aztech Walkie Talkie - PMR - 5000 can support up to 120 hours of battery, that should not be a problem.

So, where can I find this device? Instead of just waiting money, time consuming with all the fares increases within days due to fuel price and so on, you better just be at home, go to internet and check out RealMart Online Shopping Homepage. Its saves time and ensure that your goods arrive at your door, safely and costly effective.

P/s : Will I win? I don't know but its kinda fun making post like these :P

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