Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Number One On Google Search

I'm not kidding, this site is getting a good result on Google search engine but the problem is that the search keyword is not making money but "i don't make money". That's so ironic considering what I tell people in my post daily. Owh well, I hope by having labeled as number one on the Google search engine, its surely humor me.

Actually, this is just a part of experiment that I conducted with a few organic directory and blog submissions. It seemed that its really working, and good for money too. It's not that expensive and you only need to verified a few things before submitting your blog such as the anchor text and so on. At first, I did not believe that directories and blog submissions can increase your chances on Google search engine and now I am totally wrong.

My anchor text for this blog is "I Dont Make Money Online" and it seemed that its anchoring searches from all over the world (if any). I wonder how many people would search for the keyword Dont Make Money Online, a few thousands? At least the experiment is working and I love to see this results.

So, do you have any other sites that you wish to be populated by people coming from search engine? If so, you can email me and we can discuss the price :) its surely not automated machine submissions. Its a total organic and its very reliable.

P/s : My minisite, the Raja Bidvertiser got in page 4 for the keyword Bidvertiser. Its an experiment too but not from this services.

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