Saturday, August 2, 2008

Payment In Pound Sterling For July

Here's the amount I get for July's payment. It seemed that I gain more than ever from the affiliate rather than the program itself and I am so happy that my latest blog get advertiser so early that less than a week I gained GBP12.00 and that's more than enough to support my web hosting :)

Well, here's the proof for this month's income. If you want to know the program I offered, I even created an e-report related to it called Laporan Khas GBP Percuma and of course its in Malay, specific to Malaysian only for now. You can go for details at!

Remember, I talked about monthly payment without click, or anything that reminds you of online PPC advertising solution such as Google Adsense and so on.

P/s : Many have gained income so much that they offered this reports to everyone else without paying, one of the hottest seat on Wang Cyber and the program is guaranteed efective until now.

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