Friday, August 1, 2008

Pound Sterling PTC

When I talk about PTC, we often see that its based on dollar currency, yet alone others but now I just found out another one, paid in pound. The rate is just the same as any other PTC program available on the market but the difference is that since its in pound, the payment is slightly double times higher than the normal PTC you usually might have.

I never wish to consult you to join any PTC because its not as easy money as its looks. You might wanna think about it again because every click gives you less than a penny, any real PTC will give this rate because even the advertiser paid less per click. This program, the Cubez just as same as that, but a find it quite unique.

Cubez claimed that it has a cubes that already has advertisers with the total value of more than 6 figures in dollars! That quite a lot for PTC program and it seemed that it might be real. There are a few cubes owners that wanted to sell back their cubes to anyone interested. Why? I dont know, maybe the programs isn't just worth it, I think.

The judgement is not mine to make but I just wanna introduce you the first pound paid PTC site that I stumbled upon. Thats all. If you wish to give a visit, you can simply go to

P/s : I love how they use cubes instead of links.


  1. I love this site and only Entrecard beats it for traffic.

  2. Colin, it seemed that your latest post involved quite a number of pound paying PTC, i hope you don't mind if I take the content :)