Thursday, August 28, 2008

Referebot, What Is It?

Last week I heard the buzz about a program so called Referebot, I don't know how it works but it seemed that this program can become a booster adrenaline to your money making projects, either for traffic or sales. It's on sale at some forums such as DP and WC by the creator of this program and its really out from the oven!

What is referebot? No link exchange or anything you might ever heard off, referebot is a program, a DOS based program that can run without putting your ram card to work, its very light and use almost no memory at all. Referebot will send comment and links on the traffic cookies or traffic detector/allocator. In this case, this robot will go on thousands of site and put your marks there.

Of course you need to do something about the link first. To ensure that the links will be interesting enough to be click and has your message on it, you can create another squeeze page with the html title such as i-dont-make-money.html rather than which doest stand for any meaning.

Have I tried it before? To be honest with you, no. But the programmer showed quite a lot of commission from this bot, with Click Booth commissions up to $1000 without doing anything. What about the site? You need to topup the site with Google search engine to find any site that suits your need. In this case, you need to put links on the rburl.dat.

So, if you interested on having bots like this, you can check out at any marketing forum, I bet that fella already started the selling counter there.

P/s : Anyone with good and bad experience with this bot, don't hesitate to share :)

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