Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Under Reading Process

Within this week, I've downloaded a few e-books to enhance my very little knowledge about internet, making money online and of course anything related to online income and advertising processes. Here's all the e-books that I wish to be able to finish within this week and of course I will make a post on what I discovered later on if I think its worth sharing.

What will the e-book be?
E-book from John Cow (not John Chow), a famous blog that has been taken over by a company of highly intellect in advertising, making money online and anything related to money. The title would be "Building a Business NOT a Blog!" You can have this e-book for free by subscribe to their newsletter and stand a chance to win expensive electronic gadget from iPhone to Xbox.

The second one would be Rahsia Pro Affiliate from two Malaysia's internet marketer (professional status), my friend Kanto and Din Beramboi. Rahsia Pro Affiliate or Pro Affiliate Secrets is a must have e-book and the only way to gain them is to subscribe to the mailing list. Its worth the contents.
The third one is Rahsia Usahawan Internet by the benovelent Malaysia's internet marketer, my friend Abooain. Just like the previous one, its also can only be downloaded after subscribing through the mailing list. Rahsia Usahawan Internet means Internet Marketer's Secrets in english and just like any other secrets, its arouse me to have them and to read them.

The fourth one is How to Make Your Blog a Money Making Machine (just shorten the title) by another Malaysia's internet marketer, Mawardee. Just like all the rest above, you can only download this e-book by subscribing to the mailing list. Its worth reading since its written by a famous writer.
The last one really changes my prespective of PTC. I always thought PTC isn't worth the time to waste to earn a small amount of money and this e-book telling you the real deal. Of course the name is still new, Muaz Hadi but the content is worth a great effort. It also has an english version of this e-book. Its a good source for anyone who wanted to know and learn what is PTC and how to avoid scam.

So, I hope within this week I will be able to finish reading all this e-books and gain some knowledge from the expertise to enhance mine and my fellow readers.

P/s : Just got message from Adsense guru about his product, proud to be his JVs!

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