Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Death Race Taught Me About IM

Have all of you watch Death Race? Sorry, I don't know the cast but I do know the story. Last week I've been hanging out to the cinema to watch it and believe me, the story is boom. Yeah, a lot of machine gun, gattling gun, napalm, some killing and pretty woman from prison. I love the upgraded Mustang with machine gun that were suppose to be drive by Frankenstein.

Nope, not going for a spoiler. You can watch them yourself, its on the cinema or just buy on your local DVD store. No pirate please, save the industry. Now, when I watch this movie, of course thrill and dirty tricks in one thing but there's one thing that all internet marketers can agree on when watching it, the subscribe thing.

In Death Race, US economy is poor and the only way to gain extra income is by having traffic and viewers through the internet and lastly gain profit from the subscription from viewers who wanted to see the part two action. Sound's familiar? Yup, that's how internet marketing flows. By simply arouse tension and passion to readers, they can automatically become your potential money maker.

P/s : 46 million viewers paying $300 to subscribe, that's a lot of money!

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