Saturday, September 20, 2008

$10 000 Inside Paypal Account!

Do you want $10 000 inside your Paypal account or are you willing to pay $1 000 000 to the kidnapper of Cow? If so, then head on to John Cow dot com (not John Chow, that's with an "h" before "o") John Cow has launched its second chapter inside John Cow TV and what makes it interesting is that they're now giving away $10 000 inside your Paypal account for their subscribers.

The worse part of this competition is that they will announced the winner when the kidnapper talks about Cow and the $1 000 000 ransom and to be honest with you, I couldn't hear a thing about any names, not just mine but any names except Mr. Cow. Some says that you need to listen to this video backwards and I'm not that lucky because I don't have any tools to do that. Below is the video taken from John Cow dot com.

Remember, they didn't announce the name of the winner, sending notification or post them inside their blog. They only mentioned the name once and that's hard especially when they put it slightly inside the video. The winner must contact John Cow within 24 hours or the money will be given to the broadcaster.

So, feeling lucky? Head on to John Cow and subscribe to them for chances to win $10 000!

P/s : Am I the winner? Seriously I can't hear a thing!

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