Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask2link - Easy Monetization & Installation

Am I going links selling frenzy with all the post about selling links? I might. Even tomorrow I might post about other programs where you can sell links too if I'm not too busy with my works of course. So, today is about Ask2link. Have you ever visit their site? If you don't, just go to

Ask2link is a link selling program, just like Text Link Ads and the previous post program, BackLink. So, what makes Ask2link special compared to the rest? I've just joined the group so I can't say much about the payment and the rate of chances for advertiser to buy your link but I can tell you one thing, their widget is easy to install. Hey, they even have instruction for all types of platform, from Wordpress to Blogger.

In Blogger post, Ask2link will appear just like a site feed (see left sidebar) and you can buy the link by just clicking on the feed. They take sites from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 10 and they already have a fixed price for it. For example, my link worth $4.00 per month. That's not bad, at least they accept my site. I might have a bad PR but at least I have a good Alexa Ranking and also friendly SEO. Below is the list for price = PR.

Right now, Ask2link even have affiliate program, I think its to promote their program and also services. The affiliate is quite okay because for every active blog or site or advertiser you refer, you will get commission up to $20. When it comes to money, any amount is fine for me.

So, what are you waiting for? Heads up to Ask2link by clicking here now!

P/s : If your site has PR 0 but more than three years, you can change the price. Its pretty flexible.


  1. wow, even PR0 is also accepted by ask2link.. this is a good program for me since, my site's PR is 0... LOL, thanks for sharing btw, having pleasure sticking to your blog..

  2. Yup, they even accept Page Rank 0. Thanks for the compliment :)

  3. yup. they accept us even we use blogger. So far, i think its good. But i wonder if many advertiser like to buy it.

  4. Since its still new, I think we might have a problem with the advertiser. Maybe if we refer one it would be just fine.