Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Between Fraud & Potential

Have you ever come across a path where you have to choice either fraud or potential? You don't get my idea. Consider this, you stumble upon two online making money program. One is a good making money online which never been considered as fraud by anyone but you have a too low potential on it and the second one is a good program but someone have said to someone else that this program is a fraud. At the same time, you've earn a lot of potential income from it.

This post is not about the pyramid scam money making thing which involves pay less and get more, read email and get payment (but have to pay first), something about plant that produce money, online making money without doing anything and so on. This one is about my two accounts, Advertlets and Nuffnang. I don't want to describe a lot about those two, you can simply click the link and read about it.

I have a good potential earning on Advertlets, not as much as I make with foreign making money company such as Freebies4webmaster or Bidvertiser, but its still better than Nuffnang. Unfortunately, I heard rumors and blogs posts about Advertlets not paying their publisher. How true is it? I don't know.

Nuffnang have a good reputation because I've heard a lot of my blogging friends getting payment from it. They get hundreds of MYR and lots of advertisement out of it. Many famous bloggers in Malaysia apply to Nuffnang. Unfortunately, my earning from Nuffnang is very low and to become a Glitterati, I cannot put other Malaysia's advertising program under the same site.

So, if you in my shoes, what will you do? Will you choose Nuffnang or Advertlets? For now, I tries to finish Advertlets by applying its advertisement. I hope they pay and I can have my earning fast enough.

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  1. i prefer with nuffnang. But i have 2 blog that i monitize with advertlets.