Sunday, September 7, 2008

BloggersReview False Alarm

Don't you just hate false alarm? I do especially when it involves my time clicking on an email inside the spam mail just to scatter around for any misplace email, such as the one from BloggersReview. I don't zap all the emails inside the spam mail, I will look into it carefully because I have a bad experience where my client's email stuck in there and I just delete them all. As a result, I faced refunds, a full refunds, from them.

This morning I got message from BloggersReview regarding an opportunity just drop by on my
 door. Actually I'm quite shocked because I just joined them recently as I found their banner on other blogs a week ago. So, I thought the system would be as smooth as Sponsored Reviews so I thought I really had the oppotunity on my grip. Yup, its only $8.00 but money is still money.

When I log in to my BloggersReview account, I found out that the opportunity has gone by the wind. The pending task is 0. I am so fustrated and I thought this program is just playing me around in order to increase their traffic. Who else has been tricked? I didn't know. What I do know is that I couldn't find my task.

This event really torn my trustworthiness on this program, it seemed that BloggersReview got a long way to go, to reach the standard of Sponsored Review, Pay Per Post, Social Sparks and many more. But of course I won't terminate my membership just because this small event. Maybe next time I will have my opportunity for real.

Do you want to try your luck there? Just hop in to BloggersReview and start earning!


  1. good job getting a task there, but I doubt that I will get any task if I join this program. This is because my blog is in bahasa, maybe I'll wait up until I have a new blog..

  2. I used to get the task but unfortunately the task was vanished when I got there.