Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chrome, Browser Tool By Google

Have any of you tried Google latest work of development, the Google Chrome? Well, if you don't, here's an honest review from someone who always using Google to search for almost anything, using Blogger platform and yet not bias to give a full scale description on Google Chrome. I've been using Chrome since its started released and it seemed that there's a pros and cons, just like other browser.
Please, don't compare Chrome with Firefox. Firefox is already under development and research until they can come up with a very fast, high speed browsing tool called the Firefox3 and even breaking the world record as the largest download at one time without any problem. Congratulation Mozilla group for the great tool. Chrome is still new and if someone said that Chrome is much faster than Mozilla, I am against it.

The interface is much more simpler than I could image, with just a few buttons, Chrome is the dominate of the simplest interface within all the browser and I can its the most beautiful one I've ever seen. If you click on the new tab (Ctrl+tab) you can see the tab swoosh from the main tab, so gorgeous. Well, too bad it doesn't have smooth scroll like Opera but that's alone is unique.

Not like other browser, Chrome put the tab at its highest level, not literally but they really did that. Your tab is much higher that the address line, the ribbons and other things. It's like an unfolded box because your windows would never look like a box. (not rectangular shape)

Using IDM is useless when you use Chrome. Chrome still cannot assimilate with IDM and that makes download much harder, or even harder. Chrome download innate software aren't that fast so I prefer using IDM to download which means, I have to abandon Chrome for now. If you think download is not so important or if you have a very high speed internet connection, this is not a problem for you.
Chrome has speed dials, just like Opera. When you open Chrome, it will show a few boxes that full of sites that you wishes to put on so that next time you just click on them instead of typing the address. Since it has been made by Opera before, there's nothing new about it.

So, wanna give a try? You can download Chrome by going to and click download Chrome or you can have the installer by clicking here.

P/s : I love Chrome's logo, its really techno and smart!


  1. Dah try guna google chrome tadi.. Tetapi musang berapi tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku... Stand by untuk firefox version 3.1 lepas ni.. :D

  2. I use both. Chrome is a good browser and I bet they also will come up with a better one next time. Long live Firefox :)

  3. hehe..for me firefox is the best..but some said that chrome is even more faster..
    i dont know what is the factor actually.

  4. Well, on some cases Chrome is much faster but if you go they still need something to do with it. Sometimes you can't even open a page.