Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do Charity Online

I know, we all knew that the oil price has decrease recently, its a relief for many people especially in the poor countries. But, that is a just a few line in the chapter of poverty, many are still suffering and needed our aid. Have you joined any charity community either offline or online?

If you don't, how about dropping by to Hunger Site and help them out to feed the poor people all across the world, from war raging countries to poverty in Sudan and most African countries that still consider poverty as their worse enemy. All you need to do is make a click a day, its easy and will not take even a minute to do that (unless you have a poor internet connection)

You can also buy some of the items provided by them to help the Hunger Site to do charity, all the products are locally produced, not factorize and its hand-made. The quality is superb and I can assure you that because I've bought the some of the item before as a present to my girlfriend and also my relatives, its beautiful, I can promise you that.

The fees for international buyer is quite high, it can't be avoided. I hope one way or another they could do something about it because I am so sure that if the price for the shipping can be reduced, I bet many would love to get their hands on the native's items. There's even some factorize products such as the "Peace" shirt, necklace and so on.

So, do your part and visit Don't forget to subscribe to them for latest updates and friendly reminder of the daily clicks. A click a day can save many lives.

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