Sunday, September 14, 2008

Global Brand Forum

Global Brand Forum 2008 is targeted at CEO’s, Marketing Directors, Brand Custodians, Creative Directors, Bureaucrats and entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific who are concerned with creating, why is it defending? and growing their brands.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with, listen to and get practical brand ideas directly from the world’s most influential brand gurus and practitioners who have created and advised the world’s most powerful brands.

This inspirational and trans formative experience will encourage debate, foster reflection and ultimately engineer change in the way companies in Asia manage their brands and business.
The conference format adopts a series of intellectually stimulating speeches, panel discussions, extended Q&A sessions and knowledge-sharing opportunities held over two invigorating days.

Designed to add value beyond the traditional conference environment, the forum will provide separate breakout sessions where specific industry knowledge is shared and you can actively participate in closed-door dialogues with industry leaders.

As always there will be ample opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas at the highest level, as the forum brings together business leaders from over 20 countries in Asia and beyond.

If there's one event a year that you can't afford to miss, it's the Global Brand Forum - the world's leading event on Brands, Business and Leadership. Visit them by clicking here.

P/s : Singaporean site is already completed, when will Malaysia's forum site complete?


  1. malaysia's forum site will grow soon, when more and more people are getting serious with IT knowledge, they will soon know the importance of internet like us... hehe, then some forums will pop up...

  2. I don't mean that. If you go to the Global Brand Forum site,, there are two countries involved, Malaysia and Singapore. Singapore's site already complete but Malaysia's site still under construction.