Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lemonade and Traffic In Common

Lemonade and traffic has something in common? There is. When you give a bystander a free lemonade, many people will intend to go to the booth by walking through the same path which will creates traffic, as long as the lemonade still there. Then, you can change the bystander into money by selling lemonade for a cheap price.

That's my point of idea. The real deal is that a report called The Traffic Tips is on the air. It's free and what's more important is that you will gain something out of it. Not just knowledge but the money itself. The Traffic Tips offers $1.00 for each downloaded you've created. Is that crazy? Since there's too many pay-per-lead on the market these days, finding the true one is important and one of the babysitter blogged something about human rights. (what am I saying?!)

So, what will you get from this free report? Based on what other people's review, its about the 247 ways to boost traffic which means making higher potential of earning and it seemed that this free offer won't last long because its already stated that this report will cost you at least $7.00 if you don't act now.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the report.

P/s : Off the topic, I've played Lemonade Tycoon II and its very interesting!


  1. i also already download this ebook. Its good to know more about traffic.

  2. It's better than good to know when you get money for each people downloading them :) so sad the offer almost ended.