Monday, September 8, 2008

Lesson On Autoresponder

Last night I can't get in to my email account using Horde. This email account stores lots of email addresses as I made them my free autoresponder. At that time, I am so shocked that for the whole day, I can't get in. What's in my mind is that if anything happens to this account, my entire email database would be loss for good.

Thank god today everything is back to normal, no more errors and scary writings on the wall of the login page. I can access my account just fine and the best part is that my whole email database still hook up and save. I thought at that time my career as a newbies in internet marketing would be over. Now, what is the lesson we can learn from all of this?

Easy, use the paid autoresponder. Of course it will cost quite a number because you have to pay them monthly but at least your potential customer's email is still intact what ever happens (I think even if the autoresponder's database been burned to the ground, they got copies). There are many autoresponders available on the net but for me, I choose Get Response compared to Aweber.

Why? For newbies like me, I don't think I'm afford to pay for extra expenses for every extra email addresses I get. Aweber will charge you according to the amount inside your database and thats make Get Response the winner because they have a flat rate, whether you have a massive database or no database at all. Actually I just wanted to share the story, the rest you could find on the net.

P/s : Till now, I still can't apply any AR because I don't have debit or credit card... :(

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