Thursday, September 11, 2008

Make Money With BackLinks

Do you think that your site is worth to be linked for? If you do, then you better joined one of the famous money making program featuring backlinks which is As usual, in BackLinks you can assign either to become an advertiser and increase your Page Rank and also your exposition on the search engine or become a publisher and earn money out of it.

I've joined BackLinks for quite a time but I couldn't get any advertiser or even posted my homepage because of one important matters in every link exchange which is Page Rank. Due to this site often taking paid posting, reviews and give many giftaways, I've been "punished" by Google and they have decrease my Page Rank from 3 to 0. I am so frustrated but there's nothing I can do about it. Owh yeah, forgot to mention, BackLinks pays via Paypal.

BackLinks offers variety types of blogs and sites from various category, the form is simple and easy to understand. There is guidance for all the problems available including about the links and so on. Remember, to join BackLinks and offers your site, you need to have at least Page Rank 1. What if you don't have one?

You can join their affiliate programs. BackLinks offers good affiliate programs and its provenly paid. I have a friend that already receive monthly payment from BackLinks for the commission done by his referral. So, are you ready to make money using links? Jump over to BackLinks by clicking here.

P/s : When will this page increase its PR again...owh Google...


  1. I think I like linkadage better, because linkadage accept sites that have PR as low as 0.. Mine is exactly PR0 thats why I didn't prefer backlinks, they're stricter and their standards are higher..

  2. Have you got payment from the program you suggested? It's good if you can show the proof of earning.

  3. i also manage to make money from backlinks. Its hard. But i will try my best too.

  4. If you got enough referral I think it would be just nice. For me, I choose trying to find referral because this blog's PR aren't so good.