Saturday, September 13, 2008

Monetize Your Site With Vegetable

Need something new instead of just Google Adsense or Bidvertiser? Then you should try Onion. Yup, the advertising program named AdOnion, Advertising at Its Core. AdOnion is on the Beta stage and since its on the second version, I think they already fix a few bugs and have quite a number of advertiser.

AdOnion is not like Adsense or Bidvertiser but more towards AdBrite. Why? Its easy, you can indicate your advertising space and earning by stating manually the payment for per day, per week and per month fees. This is a good thing because advertiser can test drive your website and if  its goes well, they might become your long term money maker. Below is how the interface of earning would look at.

The advertising code would be on JS, and thats good because I cannot use php. If some of you wondering where is the banner, I would love to say that I didn't put it here. Why? If I put every banner of every advertising solution that I could find on the net, this blog would be full of it because I updated the post daily. This blog would look ugly if there's too many banners on the wall. Okay, its on top of this post.

So, anything else? Well, one thing for sure, they pay you in Paypal and the customer support sometimes offline so its hard to ask question and get a straight away answer if you're an international advertiser or publisher just like me. Owh yeah, they will advertise your site on the email as well and there's a place where you can choose your own advertiser!

Click here to begin making money with AdOnion now!

P/s : No affiliate program, what mistake posting with Chrome, now the font seemed freeky small.


  1. Macam best je site dia.. Try letak la kat blog.. :D

  2. w00t, more advertising program for publishers.. But I'm getting fed up, despite the many opportunity to earn by advertising, I haven't earn even from a single program...

  3. Already put it but I intend to delete it. Yup, another advertising program but it seemed only a few that we will gain something out of it. It just a mess having too many banner on the site.