Friday, September 19, 2008

More Pound This Week

Today I got another payment from Freebies4webmaster, the program that I promote on the previous post. (click here to read it) and since I only submit one page out of three, I only gain £5.00 per month. That's about $10 = MYR34.00. Oh well, no one could ever gives that easy money to you. What's more important is not the amount but the message I wanted to convey is that they paid. At least for now.

On the other hand, I also have some pending payments, the biggest pound maker for me and I also have been posting about them before. (click here to read it). I have a pending payment of £6 equals $12 = MYR40.80 and this still does not include my second revenue which is £25. I will get in within this week and won't hesitate to share with you.

Right now I got less things to do because Server KLnet upgraded and updated their server by changing software and hardware to replace the old Cpanel and that really slow down the process on promoting my Lemonade campaign. It has been on top of every blogger and internet marketer and I dont want to be apart of it. What's a lemonade? (click here to read it)

I think thats all for now. I'm now playing Travian on Malaysia server, just completed my third village and starting to gather more Paladin for the next big battle :)


  1. im still waiting for my second payment..
    dont know when it will be paid..
    i get 20pund for my referral :)

  2. congrates! that is quite a lot :)

  3. congratulation to you. Its big money i think.

  4. As long as its money, its fine with me no matter the amaunt :)

  5. i see. but i heard the bad news about this program. its true?