Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paid for Parked Domain

It's now more like a trend that people intend to buy domain name and making profit out of it by selling it back for a higher price. Can you imagine that one day a well known company make a slip by not updating its payment on a domain name and you are lucky that you bought it at that day. Imagine that you have domain name under your sleeves such as nike.com, adidas.com and other well known company. That's luck. Sedo gives you more than that.

People used to sell domain name using Godaddy.com and hope for the best without even gain profit just to put your site there. Meaning that if no one ever buy your domain name, you just end up wasting a year trying to sell your domain and gain nothing out of it unless you are quite brilliant on creating a good 404 pages that involves Google Adsense or any search engine or just arbigate site. But that's another case because you need to add up more money to host your site.

Now, there's new revolution on selling domain and its been pioneered by Sedo. It's not that new but since Sedo is the only site that host your domain for free and let you gain money from Adsense advantages, for free too, its just a great place to sell your domain. Can you imagine? Even if there's no buyer, you will gain extra exposure on that domain which will increase its value through search engine and gain money from adsense.

Selling domain using Sedo is just a piece of cake. Of course to ensure that you are not cheating and protect Sedo's customer, they will certified you first either using forms, credit card or even phone. The fastest one would be using phone. Just insert the keyword that they sms through your handphone and they will certified you within minutes. After the certification, you can start sell your domain AFTER they checked your domain name and details. This is to avoid scam and protect Sedo's reputation.

So, are you a domain merchant? If you do, then visit Sedo by clicking here. No worries, they provide their service for free!

P/s : Sorry for two days of no posts, I've got a lot of work coming in!


  1. dun know what this program is for.. U mean we can buy a domain name for free here??

  2. Its not buying domain but selling one, just like GOdaddy. The best part is that Sedo will monetize your domain with adsense when you part your domain there.

  3. not have experience with this one. Did you manage to make money already kabelduit?

  4. not yet coz I've just discovered this site recently but some says that they paid.

  5. i see. looks good. LIke to give a try.

  6. If you have extra domain name, better do so. Its worth it at least to try it.