Monday, September 1, 2008

Paypal Widget From Paypal

Do you have any Paypal account? If you are a verified user (not hard to verify a Paypal account), you can simply take advantage of your account by installing a Paypal widget inside your blog or site to increase your earning. Below is the example how the widget might look like when you put them on a run inside your blog.

The advantage of this widget is that its secure (100% made by Paypal engineers), its very user friendly and of course you can put variety of goods inside the widget along with the shipping fees, description, picture, and also your seller policies. The best part about this widget is that it has either auto rotational pictures so that your viewers can see all the products or just static to the first product.

You can customize the widget's layout and even the logo. By the look of some of the features, if I'm not mistaken, there's a button where your viewers can actually help promote your goods. They didn't put the percentage of commission on the widget so I bet this is just helping without paying sceme. Since its in beta, some of the features needs improvements.

The customization site itself is quite heavy for some slow connection internet user making it hard to customize your widget, upload your photos or even putting your description on it. Maybe since they didn't use html format to do that, its quite hard especially for dial-up users. The widget is quite bold and it doesn't show much of the details unless you click on them. Sometimes the button quite confused.

Overall, its a job well done from Paypal to us. I hope it can help to increase back Paypal's trust among the internet dealer since many started to leave Paypal for some reasons (unfair resolution and love to freeze accounts)


  1. kat mana nak cari widget ni.. Bahagian auction tool ke

  2. Owh ya, forgot to mention. The tool can be taken from this site.

  3. wah..this is good for us..some newbie can earn money from this..