Friday, September 5, 2008

Selling Your Product With Bidvertiser

Finding medium to sell your product is important because a good medium will exposed your product more and that will attract more traffic and lastly creates a bundle of sales. People will think of one single advertising solution when it comes to advertise, which is Google Adwords due to the popularity of Google itself and of course the coupon which you need to know the links to free £30, £60 and £100. I knew them all and keep it in one of my archieves :P

Well, don't you want to be more spesific? If you have credit or debit card, Google Adwords is the best choice available on the market because many people are using Google Adsense to monetize their money, even this site. For those who still blurred Adsense=Publisher and Adwords=Advertiser, got the picture?

I would like to introduce you something new, how about start to use Bidvertiser as your advertising solution. Of course you can't compared the number of publisher available if you put Adsense under the same root but its still one of the best choice available. Bidvertiser is very user friendly and you can start advertise without the hassle of credit and debit card as long as you have Paypal.

Bidvertiser has its own advantage of bidding, meaning that you can see who's bidding on the same keyword as you are (under same category) and how much you have to fight back on the bidding process. You can bid your own price either to be listed on the top 5 or not. (listed on top 5 means greater exposure)

Don't worry about the bidding, even though you bid $1.00 per click for one category, that doesn't mean that you will be deducted $1.00 for every click. The amount that will be deducted depends on your competitors. If they put less than you, your per click would be less. So, there's a lot if wrong assumption about this. What I can say is that you don't actually paid for what you bid for, unless your competitors so eager about it.

Bidvertiser don't demand extra credit from you. Once your credit reaches $0 or -$1, they will stop the advertisement and you don't have to pay more. If you wishes to continue advertise, just add some more credits and your advertisement would be off the stopping pit once more.

I've conducted some research regarding Bidvertiser account by having $30.00 inside my credit and bid for the highest bidder on that research. My target is only Malaysia, not global. I use one of my product as an item and along with it is the free downloadable goodies. Guess what, within a week, I get almost 2000 downloads which means its a good and potential advertising solution.

For more info, visit them at now!

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