Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vertical Response - Great List Manager

What is Vertical Response? Vertical Response is an email marketing manager and of course its more like Aweber and Get Response. The only different is that I haven't heard the name before and I don't know why because the package that Vertical Response offers are good and costly effect.

Just like other autoresponder, you need to have your own list and Vertical Response makes it easy for you to do so. You don't need to hassle to create opt-in form because they already did it for you. All you need to do is customize a few parts and paste the html codes provided to your site or your blog. That's a piece of cake especially for me because I am really not good with html and so on.

The toolbar shows the function. Vertical Response has a good tool to make a colourful or corporate newsletter, templates for surveys and of course salesletter on the email. It has a good templates for all the options with all the customization provided. I can say that this program is good for newbies that have a hard time handling manual types of email marketing.

Example of the opt-in (trial version can be up to 25 emails)

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Email Marketing by VerticalResponse

How about the fees, its quite shock to me that the fees are cheap. Using the concept of Aweber, you don't have limited amount of storage. For every 1000 emails, you need to pay $15 but as the number of email goes on, the number per 1000 emails will decrease. Below is the list of the price provided by Vertical Response and for me, its worth it compared to the great tools.

Unfortunately for me, there is no affiliate program for Vertical Response because its already been close. But no matter, the important part is that for me, VR is a good email marketing management site that offers a lot to its partner. Click here to visit Vertical Response now.

P/s: You can try their service for free in 30 days.

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